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Hawaiian Islands Travel Tips

You are likely embarking on planning a trip to Hawaiʻi. We want to share our deep knowledge with you to ensure you enjoy every moment and can truly let go and emerse yourself in all that the Hawaiian Islands have to offer. You see, this is not just another vacation! If you are educated on how to understand the relationship between the natural beauty and rich culture that makes Hawaiʻi unique, you will naturally want to help keep it sacred and protected for generations to come. We invite you to take a few moments to explore...

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Travel Safety

Learn more about travel safety so you can focus on making memories on the Hawaiian Islands.


Be Aware

Educate yourself on ocean safety to enjoy the beautiful waters and marine life respectfully.


Responsible Travel

Learn more about being a responsible traveler while visiting one of the most beautiful places on earth.


Parks Tips

Explore more about safely navigating parks in Hawaiʻi.


Useful Contacts

For helpful contact numbers and websites visit out Contacts page.


Astute Rentals

Vacation rentals are a popular type of accommodation, but it's important to beware of false advertising and make sure you're staying in a legal, permitted property. Illegal vacation rentals leave you no recourse if something goes wrong or your deposit is taken, and they do not contribute their fair share to our communities.

Tips for a Smart Traveler

Weather and Reports

The Hawaiian Islands are known for their beautiful weather year round, but conditions can differ at various elevations, so we want you to be prepared when you arrive. Make sure to check local weather and surf reports before going out to hike, surf, or for a day at the beach. National Weather Service Forecast Office - Hawaiʻi Phone: (808) 973-5286.

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What Can be brought in and out of Hawaiʻi

According to the Hawaiʻi Biological Survey, Hawaiʻi is the “endangered species capital of the world,” with more endangered or threatened species per square mile than any other place on the planet. Because we need to protect our unique environment and fragile ecosystems, flying to Hawaiʻi requires a level of screening unlike many other destinations.

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Learn More about Protected Species in Hawaiʻi

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