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Hawaiʻi's Annual Events & Festivals

The Festive Islands of Aloha

Dive deep into Hawaiʻi’s local community and you’ll discover a culture alive with paniolo (cowboys), Chinese dragons, ethnic festivals, culinary events and an exotic collection of celebrations. Throughout the year, you’ll also encounter parades, street parties, food and craft fairs, concerts and family activities that honor every aspect of Hawaiʻi’s diverse culture.

Annual Events

Many of Hawaiʻi’s most memorable celebrations occur annually. Some, like the Honolulu Marathon(December) and the Hawaiʻi International Film Festival (October), draw visitors and participants from around the globe. Others, like Oʻahu’s Prince Lot Hula Competition (July) or the  E ʻEmalani I Alaka‘i Festival (October) on Kauaʻi and the statewide King Kamehameha Celebration (June) are primarily local occasions. These events have a strong allure for visitors who want to get an authentic glimpse of Hawaiʻi during their trip.

Food Festivals

Events that feature local foods and agricultural products attract both locals and visitors. The Hawaiʻi Food and Wine Festival on the islands of Hawaiʻi, Maui and Oʻahu (October) and the Kapalua Wine & Food Festival (June) on Maui are long-running culinary events, hosting world-class chefs, winemakers and master sommeliers for thousands of wine and food lovers. The Island of Hawaiʻi’s Annual Kona Coffee Cultural Festival (November) celebrates all things coffee and includes nearly 50 events over 10 days. Kauaʻi Chocolate & Coffee Festival (October) highlights al things cacao and coffee industries of Kauaʻi.

Video: Festivals and Events in Hawaiʻi

Video: Festivals
Get a taste of some of the exciting annual events and festivals around Hawaiʻi. Discover delicious food, vibrant culture, thrilling sports and more.

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