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Scenic Spots in Hawaiʻi

Keep your camera ready: in Hawaiʻi, breathtaking sights await you around every turn. Here, just about every byway is scenic, and each overlook offers a new Instagram-ready vista. From hidden sea caves along the Nāpali Coast to state parks that let you walk in the footsteps of Hawaiian royalty—not to mention our hundreds of miles of sun-kissed beaches—we invite you to explore Hawaiʻi's magnificent scenery. 



With hundreds of miles of pristine coastline, Hawaiʻi’s beaches are postcards come to life. Whichever kind of beach fits your version of paradise, you’ll find it in Hawaiʻi.


Parks of Hawaiʻi

State & National Parks

Hawaiʻi's 50 state parks and two national parks feature everything from lush valley waterfalls to volcanic, moon-like landscapes.

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Museums & Tours

Museums of Hawaiʻi

The unique culture and heritage of Hawaiʻi is preserved at the many museums throughout the islands, with collections ranging from fine art to royal regalia.



Visit the historic sites at Pearl Harbor, take a culinary tour of Honolulu or walk the fields of a working coffee farm in Kona—just a few of the tour options in Hawaiʻi.


Sightseeing in Hawaiʻi

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