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Lānaʻi City

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Lānaʻi City

What: Lānaʻi’s central town
Where: Central Lānaʻi, three miles from Lānaʻi airport
Just 3 miles north of the airport, Lānaʻi City was founded in the early 1900s as a plantation town at the center of the island’s booming pineapple industry. During that era, Lānaʻi was responsible for 75 percent of the world’s pineapple production, and the fruit is still celebrated in the city’s annual Pineapple Festival. Located in Lānaʻi’s central highlands and at an elevation of 1,700 feet, Lānaʻi City is noticeably cooler than coastal areas of the island.

Many of the shops, restaurants and businesses of Lānaʻi City are found near Dole Park. This grassy spot is a popular place for locals to gather, meet and picnic. The towering pines lining the park provide just the right amount of shade on a sunny afternoon. Visitors will love that this charming, historic town is not a tourist town but that Lānaʻi residents do welcome visitors.

Lānaʻi City is also a great place for unique shopping, a variety of dining, as well as history and culture. Visit the Local Gentry, a small boutique clothing shop with unique finds. The Lānaʻi Art Center displays local artists' works, from ceramics to watercolors. Visitors are also welcome to drop into the art classes and creative workshops offered. If you're looking to immerse yourself in the unique cultural history of Lānaʻi, be sure to stop at the Lānaʻi Culture & Heritage Center to help guide and plan a visit to one of the many cultural and historical sites on Lānaʻi. After window-shopping, or a cultural site visit, grab a cup of coffee from Coffee Works, or place your order at Blue Ginger Café, Ganotisiʻs Pacific Rim Cuisine, No Ka Oi Grindz, Lānaʻi City Service Station or Pele’s Other Garden for a true local dining experience. For entertainment, enjoy the local entertainment and ambiance at Lānaʻi City Bar & Grill, located within Hotel Lānaʻi. 

Nestled in Lānaʻi City, Hotel Lānaʻi is a country inn with charming plantation-style décor secluded amongst the Cook island pines. Licensed affordable vacation rentals can also be found near town.

Day Trip Itinerary

A day trip to explore the historic and quaint town of Lānaʻi City. There’s no better way to unplug, recharge and breathe.
Morning: Check Mokulele Airlines for flights from Maui or O‘ahu. Check the Expeditions ferry website for the schedule from Maui. Download the Lāna‘i Guide App to begin planningyour adventures. During the winter
season, watch for whales along the way!
Mid-Morning: Arrive on Lāna‘i. Pick up your rental car, taxi, tour or shuttle through one of the locally-owned providers. Ask your concierge to make reservations. 
Late-Morning: Arrive in Lāna‘i City. There’s so much to do! 
  • Feline lovers can explore the famous Lāna‘i Cat Sanctuary, open daily from 10AM-3PM. 
  • Thrill seekers can head to Lāna‘i Adventure Park for a guided e-bike tour, aerial ropes course or ziplining! 
  • Or take a private 4x4 tour with Rabaca’s.
Early Afternoon: Linger over lunch at a local eatery, all serving classic island favorites.
  • Get it to go and dine in Dole Park under the shade of towering Cook Pine trees. 
  • Perk up with some coffee at the local cafe. 
  • Open the Lāna‘i Guide App and embark on a self-guided walking tour of Lāna‘i City.
Stroll and shop the historic town.
  • Zero traffic lights and an abundance of aloha set the tone as you explore charming mom and pop boutiques, gift shops and galleries. 
  • Take your time, as you’ll make lots of new friends along the way. Unique and surprising finds await!
Late Afternoon
  • Open the Lāna‘i Guide App for driving directions to take a short hike to nearby Pu‘upehe. 
  • Learn the cultural significance through the App and experience the unforgettable, awe-inspiring beauty of Lāna‘i along the trail.
Fly or ferry back to Maui or O‘ahu.
  • Enjoy the view on your quick flight back to Maui or O‘ahu. Or, grab a nap on the last ferry back to Maui.

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