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O’ahu: Embrace Mālama Adventures with Sharks, Art, and Sustainable Farming

Join our host Sam Harris as she continues her mālama adventures on the vibrant island of O’ahu, where unforgettable experiences with sharks, inspiring street art, and sustainable farming await.

O’ahu: A Popular Destination with a Responsibility to Mālama

O’ahu, known for its bustling state capital Honolulu, the world-famous Waikīkī Beach, and the historic Pearl Harbor, attracts nearly 6 million visitors each year. While it's fantastic that so many people get to experience the island's wonders, responsible travel and a mālama mindset are essential to respect the native people of Hawai'i and their culture and preserve the beauty of Oʻahu and the entire state for generations to come.

Video: Mālama Adventures on O’ahu

Sam Harris Oahu
Experience O’ahu with host Sam Harris, featuring shark encounters, street art, and sustainable farming.

Swim with Sharks to Support Conservation and Education

One Ocean Diving is on a mission to change the perception of sharks as dangerous predators and raise awareness about their importance to ocean health. Unlike the typical shark diving experiences with cages and baiting, One Ocean Diving offers a serene and educational encounter with sharks. Their extensively trained team of marine animal researchers and guides ensures guests are at ease while providing practical information about sharks and marine animals.

Sam Harris Oahu Shark

One Ocean offers a tranquil snorkelling experience from Haleʻiwa Harbor. With no intervention, small groups, and a focus on safety, they provide valuable insights into marine life during the boat ride. Equipped with protective gear, you'll observe sharks peacefully beneath the water's surface, gaining a new appreciation for Hawai'i's diverse sea life. One Ocean Diving also advocates for marine conservation globally and hosts monthly reef and beach clean-ups on O’ahu, allowing visitors to actively contribute to ocean protection and embrace the spirit of mālama.

Sam Harris diving with sharks in Oahu
Diving with Sharks Oahu HawaiiShark Oahu Hawaii

One Ocean Diving provides various opportunities for those who wish to volunteer and offer their support.

The world-famous artists that helped rejuvenate a local community

Kamea Hadar Oahu Hawaii

Venturing just a short distance away from Waikīkī Beach, visitors can discover the suburb of Kakaʻako—a transformed neighbourhood that owes its revitalisation to Kamea Hadar and his friend Jasper Wong. Inspired by a blank canvas offered by a cafe owner, the two artists brought their vision to life, leading to the birth of World Wide Walls (formerly Pow! Wow!)—an internationally renowned mural arts festival focused on city beautification and community building. Collaborating with artists from diverse cultures, World Wide Walls emphasises opening up the process of creating art and sharing cultural experiences. Kamea Hadar uses his platform to pay homage to Hawaiian culture, incorporating traditional elements into his artwork and featuring legends like Duke Kahanamoku and Carissa Moore in his murals. Through this artistic movement, Kakaʻako blossomed into a vibrant community with increased pedestrian traffic and flourishing businesses.

Sam Harris and Kamea Hadar in Oahu
Discover the flourishing neighbourhood of Kakaʻako by checking out the Honolulu Night Market, grabbing a drink at the SALT block, a coffee at ARVO cafe, or stopping by for the Eat The Street food truck festival in Kakaʻako Gateway Park.
Sam Harris ARVO cafe

The Lush Backdrop to Hollywood Classics Working to Secure Hawaiʻi’s Food Future

Kualoa Ranch Private Nature Reserve, famous for its role in numerous Hollywood films, offers visitors a breathtaking experience on its vast grounds that include three valleys, a working cattle ranch, and even a Secret Island. Embodying the spirit of mālama, Kualoa Ranch Private Nature Reserve offers a dedicated Mālama Experience, where visitors gain insight into sustainability and watershed management, Hawaiian culture, and the importance of caring for these interconnected of resources. Guests learn about the significance of kalo (taro) to the people of Hawai'i and participate in activities like thatching traditional Hawaiian hale (houses) and stewardship of the māla lāʻau lapaʻau (Hawaiian medicinal plant garden). Kualoa Ranch Private Nature Reserve offers a range of other tour options including a Hollywood Movie Sites tour and an E-Bike tour.

Sam Harris Oahu Kualoa Ranch
As a working farm, Kualoa Ranch Private Nature Reserve grows 60 different crops and produces five types of proteins, all consumed locally to support Hawai'i's island food security and a healthy food system for the community. Through the KualoaGrown initiative, the ranch aims to provide fresh, locally grown, and responsibly raised food while preserving the natural beauty of Kualoa Ranch Private Nature Reserve.


Kualoa Ranch Work Oahu Hawaii

Check out Kualoa Ranch Private Nature Reserve

Explore the wonders of O’ahu with a mālama mindset, as you swim with sharks, immerse yourself in vibrant street art, and support sustainable farming initiatives at Kualoa Ranch Private Nature Reserve.

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