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Pohoiki Beach

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Pohoiki Beach (Isaac Hale Beach Park)

[NOTICE: driving directions to this new black sand beach have changed. Please use Highway 130 (drive toward the coast, once you reach the end, turn left onto Highway 137). Do not use Highway 132 to get to Pohoiki Beach.]

Where: Puna, Island of Hawaiʻi
Activities: Fishing, swimming (experienced), and surfing (experienced only)
Amenities: Parking, portable bathrooms, lifeguard (please take your own drinking water)
Also known as Isaac Hale Beach Park, this new black sand beach, a result of the 2018 volcanic activity of Kīlauea, is visually stunning. You can sunbathe, swim (heed lifeguard safety warnings as ocean conditions vary), and surf (experienced only). The old boat harbor has been inundated with black sand, creating a pond. Bacteria may be present as the water is warm but there is no known circulatory system for the pond(s). 
Please note: Hawaiʻi's ocean and beach conditions are as unique as the islands themselves. Visit HIOCEANSAFETY.COM  which constantly monitors the surf, wind, and reports from public safety officials that directly affect the conditions for safety of Hawaiian beaches. Use the hazard signs on HIOCEANSAFETY.COM as well to quickly assess conditions and help you find the appropriate beach for your visit.

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