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Island of Hawaiʻi Surfing

Surfing was literally the "Sport of Kings" in Hawaiʻi, reserved only for the aliʻi (royalty). Today on the island of Hawaiʻi, you can either watch this exciting sport from the safety of the shore or experience the rush of catching a wave yourself by taking a surfing lesson.

Several beaches on the island of Hawaiʻi are suited for more experienced surfers. However, there are a handful of spots that cater to beginners and intermediate-level riders, including Kohanaiki Beach north of Kona Airport (intermediate and higher) and Kahaluʻu Beach in Keauhou for beginners (travel tip: help us care for (mālama) the islands, visit the Kahaluʻu Education Center with staff ready to advise you on reef etiquette before heading out). And, on the east side, Honoliʻi Beach Park in Hilo is an experienced surfer’s dream during seasonal swells. 

Experienced instructors will take first-timers to safe breaks and get you on your feet during lessons that last between 1-2 hours. Check with lifeguards before heading out regarding conditions. And as the locals say, always surf with aloha. Experience for yourself why surfing is the “Sport of Kings.”

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