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The Roots of Hula on Maui

Hula has many roots, with various traditions offering different origins of the art – reflecting the beauty of the Hawaiian respect for multiple perspectives in a way that does not need to be mutually exclusive.

Kau‘i Kanakaʻole

KEEPERS OF THE FOREST - Waves crash against the distant black rocky cliff, salting the air. Kau‘i Kanakaʻole, the kumu hula (hula teacher) and her three students chant an oli, asking permission to enter the forest, and wait for a response. A breeze filters through the canopy, and the thick air parts, giving them their answer. They pick their way through the underbrush, beyond the grove of hala (pandanus) trees, to find the lauaʻe (monarch fern) leaves that generations of hula dancers have relied on to create their lei.
Where Can I See Hula on Maui?

You can see hula across Maui at events, festivals and live performances at hotels and resorts. While serious study of hula is undertaken in a hālau hula under the tutelage of a kumu hula, more casual lessons are often offered at select hotels and resorts.

A lūʻau is another fun and festive place to watch hula and learn about Hawaiian culture. There are several venues around the island where you’ll find lūʻau (most often in West Maui or South Maui), including the long-running Myths of Maui Lūʻau at the Royal Lāhainā Resort and Drums of the Pacific at the Hyatt Regency. The Old Lāhainā Lūʻau offers a popular sunset feast on spectacular oceanfront grounds right off Front Street. Some lūʻau, like Feast of Lele, even present gourmet takes on traditional dishes, complete with wine pairings.

Learn More about Hula

Learn More about Hula
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Learn more about the tradition of Hula on the Hawaiian Islands in the site's Culture section. 


Lūʻau on Maui

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