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The Roots of Hula on Molokaʻi

Hula has many roots, with various traditions offering different origins of the art – reflecting the beauty of the Hawaiian respect for multiple perspectives in a way that does not need to be mutually exclusive. One tradition says hula was born on Molokaʻi at kāʻana, near Maunaloa.

Where Can I See Hula on Molokaʻi?

Molokaʻi is proud of its hula traditions. Every May, you can join in on the celebration of hula’s birth at the Molokaʻi Ka Hula Piko Festival. Hālau hula from all over Hawaiʻi gather to perform hula rarely performed in public.

You can also watch hula at the Ka Molokaʻi Makahiki, a traditional festival held every January. Makahiki was a time after harvest when battles ceased while tributes were paid to chiefs. Villagers celebrated with sporting events, ceremonies and festivities. Today, the pageantry of Makahiki includes the hula as well as Hawaiian arts, crafts and games.


Learn More about Hula

Learn More about Hula
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