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Molokaʻi Museum

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Molokaʻi Museum & Cultural Center

What: A museum dedicated to the history of Molokaʻi
Where: Just north of Kaunakakai

A fun and interesting stop on your way to Kalaupapa Lookout, the Molokaʻi Museum and Cultural Center offers a glimpse of what life on Molokaʻi used to be like. Through newspapers, photos, short videos and personal accounts from island locals, you’ll learn about the island’s history over the last 150 years.

Hear the stories of patients with Hansen’s disease who were sent to live out their days in the infamous leper colony on the isolated peninsula of Kalaupapa. Tour the R.W. Meyer Sugar Mill, a carefully restored, turn-of-the-century mill, showcasing Molokaʻi’s agricultural history. Catch a glimpse of the sugar process including a mule-driven cane crusher and a steam engine. The museum also features eclectic exhibits on everything from petroglyphs to plantation-era furnishings.

Before you leave the museum, be sure to stop at the charming gift shop for goods and crafts made by local artists (lililoʻi butter is a favorite). This is also a great place to get a detailed map of Molokaʻi to use during your stay. Museum is cash only. Admission is $5.