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Mālama O‘ahu

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Traveling With Aloha

You have probably heard of Hawai‘i’s famous spirit of aloha. Aloha is a lifestyle, a reciprocal value centered on kindness and respect. It means mutual regard and affection and extends warmth in caring with no obligation in return. Through aloha, every guest is treated as ‘ohana (family) and visitors are no longer guests after a day. Visitors become contributing members of the ‘ohana and have the same kuleana (responsibility and privilege) as locals do to protect Hawai‘i for future generations.

We invite you to experience O‘ahu on a deeper level by joining us to mālama — care for — our island home and enjoy a more meaningful trip. There are so many ways for you to mālama O‘ahu, from voluntourism projects and engaging with Native Hawaiians to learn their language and culture, to respecting wildlife, buying and eating local, and using public transportation that will deepen your connection to O‘ahu and provide lifelong memories.

Travel With Aloha Tips

Rick Barboza of Papahana Kuaola takes volunteers with masks across a stream

Travel Pono

Pono in Hawaiian means “to do what is right.” Kuleana means “both responsibility and privilege.” We can all work together to maintain O‘ahu’s pristine natural beauty and protect our way of life. You can mālama (care for) O‘ahu and help our island thrive by doing your kuleana as a visitor. Here are ways to travel pono in O‘ahu while enjoying local culture, outdoor adventures, and natural beauty safely.

Volunteers at a beach cleanup for Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii

Mālama Hawai‘i: Voluntourism Opportunities

Join local residents and mālama (care for) O‘ahu by participating in the Mālama Hawai‘i program that enables you give back by volunteering with local nonprofits. Mindful travelers who mālama during their O‘ahu stays are sure to enjoy an enriched visit by immersing themselves in authentic cultural and outdoor experiences that connect them with the Hawaiian Islands and its people. Taking part in any of O‘ahu’s unique volunteer activities not only cultivates a sense of giving and genuine service, it also helps to preserve the beauty of our island home while enhancing your visit profoundly.

People walk through an outdoor shopping center

Eat Local, Shop Local

Experience O‘ahu like a local and support our island businesses and agriculture — the artisans, chefs, farmers, shops, galleries, and eateries — whose original creations reflect both the Native Hawaiian and global multicultural influences. Shop for made-in-Hawai‘i fashions, food, art, jewelry, and more and feast on the beloved specialties that locals savor every day.

Trail Hiking

Staying Safe

We invite you to kindly familiarize yourself with the following Land and Ocean Safety Tips designed to protect you, our natural resources, and Hawai‘i’s wildlife.