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Oʻahu Travel Tips

It is said that this dynamic island of endless possibilities is where traditions meets the contemporary and culture meets creativity. And sure enough, locals continuously work to sustain Oʻahu’s incredible resources - both urban and rural, cultural and environmental - while hosting Hawaiʻi’s largest share of visitors and residential populations. Learn our tips to make the most of your Oʻahu vacation while respecting our island home and communities, helping to lessen impact on our resources, and letting your experiences run deeper.

Oʻahu Travel Tips: Culture

Along with unforgettable memories, Oʻahu will send you home with the true spirit of Hawaiʻi - thanks to locals like cultural advisor Marques Marzan.

Oʻahu Travel Tips: Land Safety and Conservation

Because of the tremendous danger involved, it is illegal to hike on unmaintained trails, such as Stairway to Heaven. Even though you may see them featured on websites, you should avoid illegal hikes for your own safety.

Oʻahu Hiking Tips

Before you hit the ground running (or walking) on Oʻahu’s trails, a few local tips can help you make the most of your hike. Nature conservationist Ulalia Woodside offers her perspective on how to be mindful of your surroundings.

Emergency Numbers


  • 9-1-1 — Serious medical problem, fire, life-threatening situation or crime in progress. Be aware of your location.
  • 9-1-1 (text) — Only text 9-1-1 if you are unable to make a voice call.


  • (808) 529-3111 - Non-emergency, non-life-threatening. Honolulu Police Department 


  • 808-955-8300 — Oʻahu Crime Stoppers – to provide anonymous tips.

Visitor Services 

  • Visitor Services (808) 926-8274 - Visitor Aloha Society of Hawaiʻi - provides support services to visitors in need. Call for initial assistance until family and friends at home can be contacted.

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