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Action Tour Guide has highly rated self-guided driving tours of Oahu, Hawaii Island, Kauai, and Road to Hana. All tours are GPS-enabled where the audio plays automatically as you navigate to popular spots along the way. All our apps give you the freedom to tour at your own pace.

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Kauai - Driving Tour Kauai - Na Pali Coast


Aloha! Welcome to the Kauai (Na Pali, Waimea) Self-Guided Driving Tour Buckle up for a tropical adventure you’ll never forget! Cruise through lush jungles, walk along pristine beaches and dive into the history of the beautiful island of Kauai. On the Kauai tour, you will learn about the culture and how everything changed when sugar plantations arrived. Hear about clashing cultures and a failed Russian invasion? No, really! As you drive, admire grand waterfalls, pristine beaches, and thundering waves. Learn about Hawaii’s legends, history, and industry. Enjoy lush vistas, sugarcane fields, and awe-inspiring beauty…. all while you’re driving! All Hawaii Tours Bundle Our Hawaii driving tours include Road to Hana, Oahu, Hawaii Island, and Kauai. You can simply get the bundle, priced at just $24.99 (more than 50% off the individually priced tours), and enjoy your Hawaii vacation, hands-free and at your own pace! Visit our website to check out the stop lists for each tour. Recommended: Purchase one tour per car, not per person. Everyone listens together! Instantly, post your booking, we'll send you two things: a unique password and an app download link. Download the app onto your phone and enter the password. Then download the tour inside. When you reach there, drive to the 1st Stop. Once there, launch the app and simply follow the instructions from there! No expiration — the tour is available from the minute you book until forever!