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Join And You Creations on our Nature and You tour! Experienced guides will lead you through the Manoa Valley Rainforest to a breathtaking 150-foot waterfall. Our tour includes transportation from Waikiki and a delicious and healthy lunch. The trail is suitable for all ages and experience levels.

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It's no wonder Jurassic Park and Lost were filmed at Manoa Falls Our guides will take you through the trail and share cultural information Escape into the lush rainforest of Oahu less than 30 minutes from Waikiki. Marveling at the majesty of Manoa Falls Enjoy an invigorating hike through lush bamboo groves There's no wifi in the forest, but we promise you'll have a better connection Discover rare and otherworldly plants in the rainforest Along the way to the waterfall there are other wonders, like a natural tree arch. Listen to the sounds of native tropical birds in the Oahu rainforest. Enjoy a healthy, vegetarian power lunch to refuel after your hike. Join Nature and You on a hike through lush forests to Manoa Falls! The Manoa Falls Trail is suitable for all ages Nature and You Logo


Join And You Creations on our Nature and You tour! Our experienced local guides will lead you through the Manoa Valley Rainforest to a towering 150-foot (45-meter) waterfall, Manoa Falls! This waterfall and its trail's location have been used in movies and television shows such as Jurassic Park and Lost. With transportation from Waikiki included, our hike begins at a trailhead in the middle of the island, surrounded by massive jungle trees and stunning colorful plant life. The entire trail is an experience. There are many hidden secrets and treasures to behold along the way, such as a bamboo forest and a natural tree arch. Enjoy the breathtaking and lush scenery of Hawaii while our guides share interesting Hawaiian cultural facts and history. Ask them to tell you the story of the mysterious Menehune, or ancient Hawaiian ‘elves’. See if you can spot them in the trees! And listen for the calls of native Hawaiian birds - some found nowhere else on earth. The trail can be somewhat muddy (it is a rainforest, after all), so be sure to bring comfortable shoes and a light jacket. At the end of this 45-minute hike, the trees clear to display the “valley of rainbows” and your reward: 150 feet of cascading fresh water! Bring a camera to capture the beauty for yourself. It’s all downhill from there, as you head back along the trail the way you came. Take the time to revisit your favorite sights along the trail and ask your guides any questions you might have. After the hike, you will have worked up an appetite. We’ll treat you to a healthy “power lunch” at the hidden gem Kaimana Farm Cafe. Utilizing local and organic ingredients, this is the perfect way to end your adventurous day! The trail is suitable for people of all ages and experience levels. Book your hiking experience into Hawaii’s wilderness today!
307 Lewers Street Suite 401
Honolulu, HI 96815