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Hilo Farmers Market

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Hilo Farmers Market

An open market in downtown Hilo showcasing the island of Hawaiʻi's locally grown food, tropical flowers, handmade jewelry and crafts
Located in Downtown Hilo, the festive Hilo’s Farmers Market is known as one of the best open markets in Hawaiʻi. You can never tell what you’ll find at this colorful market, but it’s safe to say you’ll probably spot things you'd never find anywhere else — including locally grown and roasted coffee, exotic tropical fruit, and sweet treats like butter mochi.
The Hilo Farmers Market lures both locals and visitors with Hilo’s freshest finds at affordable prices. You’ll find a colorful selection of locally grown fruit, vegetables, herbs, island jams and jellies, macadamia nuts and delectable baked goods. Also note that 95 percent of Hawaiian papayas are grown on the east side of the island of Hawaiʻi, so look for these fresh fruits when they’re in season. Strawberry papayas, a local delicacy, look like regular papayas, but their beautiful pinkish-orange flesh is sweeter and juicier.
Food is only part of the fun at the Hilo Farmers Market. Big buckets of orchids and anthuriums line the stalls. Wind chimes, etched glass and koa wood treasures fill the craft section. You can even find local t-shirts, tropical fashions and handmade jewelry. And don’t forget to buy a lei for that someone special. Get there early to shop for the best choices from the market’s more than 200 vendors. The market is now open seven days a week from 7am - 3pm, with "big market days" on Wednesdays and Saturdays featuring more vendors.

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