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Pololū Valley Lookout

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Pololū Valley Lookout

What: Beautiful overlook off the northeastern coast
Where: North Kohala at the end of Hwy 270
As you drive north on Highway 270 where the black lava landscapes of the Kohala Coast give way to the flourishing, green pastures of North Kohala, you’ll be rewarded at the end of your journey with an unforgettable view from the Pololū Valley Overlook.
Park your car in the small parking lot that is literally at the end of the road and treat yourself to an inspiring view of the verdant cliffs of Pololū Valley and the dramatic northeastern coastline. Horses graze on the hillside as you look out at the small island outcroppings sitting in the waters offshore and the lovely black sand beach at the mouth of the valley. You can take a 25-minute hike down to the valley floor and the black sand beach, although swimming is discouraged because of strong currents. Along with the Waipiʻo Valley Overlook, which also offers a view of the island's northeastern tip but from the south side, this is one of the most spectacular panoramic views on the island of Hawaiʻi.

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