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Puakō Petroglyphs

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Puakō Petroglyph Archaeological Preserve

What: One of the most extensive petroglyph fields in Hawaiʻi
Where: Kohala Coast near the Mauna Lani Resort
Along the Kohala Coast, the 223-acre Puakō Petroglyph Archaelogical Preserve boasts more than 3,000 ancient petroglyphs, or kiʻi pōhaku, lava rock carvings etched into stone, dating back to 1200 AD. Although the true meanings of the petroglyphs are unknown, it is generally thought these carvings are records of births and other significant events in the lives of the people who lived on the island of Hawaiʻi long ago.
Just north of the two resort hotels at Mauna Lani Resort, Holoholokai Beach (a well-manicured shoreline park with facilities) at Mauna Lani Resort, the captivating petroglyphs fields of Puakō feature carvings of humans, canoes and turtles among other forms. Take the kids on a petroglyph hunt and ask them what they think these ancient symbols could mean. Just make sure the whole family is wearing good shoes. The site is unpaved and goes through a kiawe forest with thorns on the ground.

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