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A historic district just south of Historic Kailua Village with a coastal area frequented by manta rays

A short drive south of Historic Kailua Village, the Keauhou Resort area has emerged as one of the island of Hawaiʻi’s great cultural destinations. The area is bordered on the north coast by beautiful Kahaluʻu Bay with the famous Kona coffee country of Hōlualoa just up the slopes of Hualālai volcano.

Keauhou is an area blessed with sunny weather and perfect waters for snorkeling, scuba diving and kayaking. These idyllic conditions made it a favorite hideaway of Hawaiian royalty, and today the area boasts diligently restored heiau (temples) and a wealth of historical sites. 

At night, the Keauhou area attracts manta rays that feed on microscopic plankton. To really see manta rays up close and personal, go on a snorkeling or diving excursion at night and swim with the rays. Tours depart from various locations in Kona.