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The Island of Hawaiʻi's Waterfalls

Some of Hawaiʻi Island's most breathtaking and accessible waterfalls can be discovered along the northeastern coast of the island, along the Hilo and Hāmākua Coast. This is the greenest and most fertile part of the island, blessed with amazing tropical rainforests and botanical gardens.

Begin your journey just north of Downtown Hilo in Wailuku River State Park, home to the 80-foot Waiānuenue, also known as Rainbow Falls and Peʻepeʻe Falls that feeds the bubbling pools called Boiling Pots. Head north along the beautiful Hāmākua Heritage Corridor and stop at ʻAkaka State Falls Park. Here you’ll find the 100-foot Kahuna Falls and the incredible 442-foot ʻAkaka Falls