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Kayaking on Kauaʻi

Kauaʻi is home to the only navigable rivers in Hawaiʻi, so kayaking is an integral part of a unique Kauaʻi vacation.

Relax and take in the exquisite scenery as you paddle down the Wailua River. This popular river for kayaking weaves by lush, jungle landscapes along with island’s East Side. Other river routes include the Hulēʻia River from Nāwiliwili Harbor in Līhuʻe, as well as the Hanalei River on the North Shore, the longest on the island.

If you’re up for a more difficult challenge, ocean kayaking is a seasonal alternative to experience Kauaʻi by sea. On the South Shore, try the Poʻipū to Port Allen course with a stop in Lāwaʻi Bay. When conditions are calm, kayaking along the 17-mile Nāpali Coast is unforgettable. "National Geographic" deemed kayaking the Nāpali Coast the second best adventure in the country. Because this can be a physically demanding activity and the seas can be unpredictable, hiring a guide for this once-in-a-lifetime experience is a must.

Featured Kayaking Location: Wailua River

Featured Kayaking Location: Wailuā River
Kayakers on the Wailua River

Located on the east side of the island, the Wailua River is one of the only navigable rivers in all of Hawaiʻi and a perfect spot for a kayak adventure. 


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