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Lanai Beaches

If you’re longing for a true tropical escape, you’ll find seclusion, romance and beauty on the beaches of Lanai. The island has 18 miles of coastline dotted with remote beaches where you can sink your toes into soft white sand and gaze out at rolling blue waves. Here are a few popular Lanai beaches you can visit. 

Please note: Hawaii's ocean and beach conditions are as unique as the islands themselves. Visit HIOCEANSAFETY.COM which constantly monitors the surf, wind, and reports from public safety officials that directly affect the conditions for safety of Hawaiian beaches. Use the hazard signs on HIOCEANSAFETY.COM as well to quickly assess conditions and help you find the appropriate beach for your visit.

South Lanai 

Hulopoe Beach Park is a sweeping crescent-shaped beach located on the southern coast in Hulopoe Bay, fronting the Four Seasons Resort Lanai. With fantastic snorkeling in the crystalline water, large tide pools to explore and Puu Pehe just a short hike away, this is the Lanai’s most popular and accessible beach. Restroom and picnic facilities are available.

North Lanai 

Polihua Beach is harder to reach but worth the journey. Take a 4-wheel drive adventure about an hour northwest of Lanai City to find two miles of pristine and (more often than not) blissfully empty coast perfect for sunbathing or beachcombing. Note that strong winds and currents make the ocean too dangerous for swimming, and no restroom facilities are available.

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