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Shooting Clays

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Shooting Clays on Lānaʻi

Lānaʻi is a place that will roll up its sleeves and embark an adventure faster than you can say “Pull!.” Among Lānaʻi’s long list of land activities, shooting clays is a favorite for visitors looking for a little break from the beach. This activity is limited to Four Seasons Resort guests only.

Lānaʻi Adventures at the Four Seasons Resort Lānaʻi  offers daily trips to the Lānaʻi Archery and Shooting Range, located in the island’s forested uplands. Test your aim on targets mimicking everything from game birds to rabbits at 14 covered stations. Included in the excursion is all the necessary equipment, plus an introductory private lesson which covers gun safety, course rules and shooting etiquette (experienced shooters can call for additional packages and pricing). 


Shooting Clays on Lānaʻi

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