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Papohaku Beach

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Papohaku Beach

Where: West Shore, Molokai
Activities: Swimming (only under the best conditions)
Amenities: Restrooms, picnic facilities, campsites, showers

At three miles long and 100 yards wide, this is one of the largest white-sand beaches in all of Molokai, offering distant views of Leahi (Diamond Head) on Oahu and ample space to spread out. There are no lifeguards at this beach and ocean conditions are hazardous during fall and winter. Swimming is advised only when the water is flat and calm. Its long beach makes it more a great spot for taking a stroll and watching the sunset.

Please note: Hawaii's ocean and beach conditions are as unique as the islands themselves. Visit HIOCEANSAFETY.COM which constantly monitors the surf, wind, and reports from public safety officials that directly affect the conditions for safety of Hawaiian beaches. Use the hazard signs on HIOCEANSAFETY.COM as well to quickly assess conditions and help you find the appropriate beach for your visit.

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