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Molokai Arts & Culture

Molokai legends speak of the hula beginning at Kaana near the present day town of Maunaloa. Every May, the people of Molokai gather together to celebrate this personification of the aloha spirit at the Molokai Ka Hula Piko Festival. Some of the best dancers in the state gather to share their traditions. Every chant and dance tells a story. Of love. Of the gods. Of a history never to be forgotten. This commitment to perpetuating the past sets Molokai apart from the other Hawaiian Islands.

History’s roots run deep on Molokai, from 13th century Hawaiian Fishponds to the living classroom of historical sites in Halawa Valley. Whether you’re talking with a local in Kaunakakai or soaking in the island’s natural wonders, the past reaches out to touch each person who visits, like the graceful fingers of a hula dancer.

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