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The most rewarding trip is one that gives back 

The Hawaiian Islands itinerary that can change your life isn’t found in any guidebooks. Because what makes the Hawaiian Islands truly special is not only our stunning natural beauty or our vibrant culture - it’s the deeply rooted relationship that connects them. 
That relationship between people and place grows stronger every time you mālama (give back). When you give back - to the land, the ocean, the wildlife, the forest, the fishpond, the community - you’re part of a virtuous circle that enriches everything and everyone. Including your experience as a visitor. 
Several organizations offer opportunities for visitors to pay it forward, like beach clean-ups, native tree planting, and more. Engage in some of our volunteer opportunities below, and in exchange, experience Hawaiʻi on a much deeper and connected level. Through the Mālama Hawaiʻi Program, you could qualify for a special discount or even a free night from a participating hotel when participating in its dedicated volunteer activity.


Noelani Lee
Visitors restoring traditional native Hawaiian masterworks discover the secret to healing a community - and themselves.


Habitat Stewardship

Kiai Collier
Volunteers leave a positive impact that lasts generations by protecting fragile habitats extending from the mountain to the ocean. 



Sam Ohu Gon III
Hikers are led deep into a special realm - where species found nowhere else still reign - to conserve native ecosystems and the vibrant culture they sustain.


Sustainable Farming

Rick Barboza
By perpetuating endangered plants and recreating the centuries-old methods of his ancestors, a farmer gets volunteers’ hands dirty planting not just native crops, but the seeds of Hawaii’s sustainable future. 


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