East Side

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East Side (Royal Coconut Coast), Kauai

Kauai's East Side is sometimes referred to as the Royal Coconut Coast for the groves of coconut palms that grow in its resort areas. The most populated district on the island, about 16,000 of the island's 71,000 residents reside in the Wailua/Kapaa area. Amongst the clusters of coconut trees you’ll find historic places, amazing beaches and memorable attractions.

In Wailua, you’ll find a variety of sightseeing opportunities and outdoor activities. Kayak the Wailua River in Wailua River State Park, take a boat ride to the Fern Grotto, or take photos at Opaekaa Falls. Don’t forget to try and spot the Sleeping Giant in the Nounou Mountain or take a hike up this scenic ridge. Sacred places like Poliahu Heiau can also be found on the East Side. And be sure to visit Kapaa Town to discover fine Hawaiian craft pieces, aloha-print shirts, jewelry and art.

But the golden beaches of the Coconut Coast may be the area’s biggest draw. Unwind at Lydgate Beach Park in Wailua, where you'll find two lava rock enclosed ocean pools that are perfect places for families and first-time snorkelers. Fun in the sun awaits you on the Coconut Coast.

East Side Highlights

Opaekaa Falls

This towering falls is an incredible sight (and photo opportunity) during your East Side adventure.


Wailua River

One of Hawaii's only navigable rivers offers plenty of fun for kayakers and other paddlers.


Fern Grotto

Take a boat ride to this remote, fern-filled cave to see a different side of Kauai.


Kapaa Town

This historic enclave is home to local boutiques and delicious dining options.


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