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Lānaʻi Arts & Culture

Lānaʻi Arts & Culture
Lānaʻi is an island with a history as unique and unexpected as its serene, captivating physical beauty. According to tradition, the island was exclusively the realm of spirits until the sixteenth century, when the heroics of the prince Kaululāʻau tamed them and made Lānaʻi inhabitable for people. Then came the earliest fishermen and, after them, farmers of sugar and pineapple, and finally the relatively recent development of a visitor industry. It’s a singular backstory that has grown a culture unlike that of any other island.

Lānaʻi Art Center
This community-run art center is a creative outlet for local artists, where residents and visitors alike can express their creative energy in an assortment of mediums. Visitors are welcome to drop in on one of their art classes or workshops. A gallery and gift shop features local artists’ works, and the center’s studios are open to all.

Lānaʻi Culture & Heritage Center
Lānaʻi Culture & Heritage Center is a community-based, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the preserving, protecting, and honoring Lānaʻi's rich history, culture, and values. One facet of its operations includes a museum located at the 730 Lānaʻi Ave, Ste 118 at the Dole Administration Building. Current hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 1-3pm. Hours are subject to change; please visit for the most up to date information.



Lānaʻi Arts & Culture

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