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Molokaʻi is Hawaiʻi’s second smallest populated island, only 38 miles long and 10 miles across at its widest point. It’s also less developed, with uninterrupted ocean views and small towns rather than high-rise buildings and big cities. There are three distinct regions of Molokaʻi to explore: Central Molokaʻi, West Molokaʻi and East Molokaʻi.

Regions of Molokaʻi

Central Molokaʻi
Coastline of Central Molokai
Take a journey along 2,000-foot sea cliffs amid dazzling seascapes to visit one of the most remote settlements in the Hawaiian Islands.
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West End
A couple on an empty beach in the west end of Molokai
Swim or snorkel in the sparkling turquoise-blue waters at Pāpōhaku Beach on Molokaʻi’s West End, or enjoy unique shopping and museums in the charming town of Maunaloa.
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East End
A guided tour through a tropical forest on the east end of Molokai
Take a guided tour through the magnificent tropical paradise of Kamakou Preserve and let the breathtaking natural beauty renew you.
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Hawaiian Fishponds of Molokai
Built from lava rock and coral, these 13th-century fishponds were etched into Molokaʻi’s shoreline to supply local aliʻi (royalty) with sustenance.
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Kalaupapa National Historical Park
Take a memorable mule ride down the highest sea cliffs in the world to reach the incredibly remote—and formerly forbidden—settlement of Kalaupapa.
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Kapuaiwa Coconut Grove
This dense grove of coconut palms, planted during the reign of King Kamehameha V, is one of Molokaʻi’s most recognizable landmarks.
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Browse unique local shops and eateries, visit historic landmarks and stroll down Hawaiʻi’s longest pier in Molokaʻi’s quaint main town.
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Venture to Maunaloa, a small plantation village set in the hills above the coast, where you’ll find unique shopping and lodging options.
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Papohaku Beach
At three miles long, Pāpōhaku Beach is one of the largest white sand beaches in Hawaiʻi, offering distant views of Diamond (Diamond Head) on Oʻahu.
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Halawa Valley
Take a guided hike into this impossibly lush cathedral valley, blessed with beautiful vistas and towering waterfalls that look straight out of the Jurassic Period.
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Kamakou Preserve
Hike beneath moss-covered branches in Kamakou Preserve, a nature conservancy site that contains rare native Hawaiian birds and plants.
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