Molokai Restaurants

Molokaʻi Restaurants

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Molokaʻi Restaurants

Molokaʻi is smaller and less developed than some of the other islands, so it’s a great place to seek out fresh island food, local Hawaiian favorites and friendly beachside spots rather than luxurious restaurants. You’ll also find Hawaiʻi’s cultural diversity represented with Japanese and Filipino options alongside pizza, tasty burger joints and cozy coffee shops. For a memorable taste of Molokaʻi, stop by Kanemitsu’s Bakery, an 80-year old island staple known for yummy doughnuts and the must-have late night snack of fresh bread served hot from the oven and out of the bakery’s back door.

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Take your taste buds off the beaten path with the flavors of Hawai‘i. Discover local comfort foods, island favorites, and authentic tastes from farm-to-table and gourmet, to hidden spots and must-tries.

Places to Dine on Molokaʻi

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