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Safely Navigating Hawaii

Transportation options vary from island to island. Many visitors enjoy taking bus tours to conveniently explore the Islands. For most islands you can also get around by shuttle, taxi, ride-sharing app such as Uber or Lyft, or public transportation.

But to really experience Hawaii, you should consider renting a car in advance from one of the airports. Your valid foreign driver’s license to drive is good for one year from the entry date on your passport.

Driver Safety

You may not use any electronic handheld devices while driving. This includes phones, cameras and mp3 players. Holding a phone at a stoplight or while paused with the engine running is also considered a violation and you will receive a ticket. You may, however, use a Bluetooth headset or hands-free device with your cellphone.

Please observe all speed limits, which vary from 10 miles per hour (mph) in tiny lanes and 25 in most residential neighborhoods, to 60 mph on some freeways.

All children under the age of 4 must be secured in a federally approved child safety seat. Most rental car providers have child safety seats available for rent. All children between the ages of 4 and 7 must ride in either a booster seat or a car seat. Children 4'9'' or taller or those riding in vehicles with lap-only seat belts in rear seats are exempt.

If you are in a collision, the first step is to call the police at 911 to file a report or to contact emergency fire or ambulance services. Do not leave the scene until after the police are finished. You may need to contact your rental car company.

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