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Planning Your First Trip to Hawaiʻi

Discover why the six Islands of Aloha are home to treasures unlike any other on earth: The dramatic cliffs of the Nāpali Coast on Kauaʻi. The vibrant shores of Waikīkī Beach on Oʻahu. The miles of white sands of Pāpōhaku Beach on Molokaʻi. The dolphin-friendly waters of Hulopoʻe Bay on Lānaʻi. The summit of Haleakalā on Maui. The primal energy of Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park on the island of Hawaiʻi. It won’t be easy choosing which island to visit on your first trip to Hawaiʻi, but you’ll find there are no wrong answers.

You’ll likely begin your adventure at Honolulu International Airport (HNL) on Oʻahu. This is Hawaiʻi's major airport, serving as the entry point for most of Hawaiʻi's visitors. All major domestic carriers and many international carriers serve Oʻahu, so you can get here from just about anywhere. There are also direct flights from the U.S. continental US to Maui, Kauaʻi, and Hawaiʻi Island, but for the most part, you may need to connect through Oʻahu to get to the neighbor islands, including Lānaʻi and Molokaʻi.

Once you've arrived, breathe deep. Smell the fresh plumeria in the air. Visit the historic landmarks of Hawaiʻi and learn about the rich culture of the islands. Explore off-the-beaten-path destinations, from hidden beaches to small towns that you won’t find on a postcard. Learn to surf, snorkel or kayak and earn your Hawaiʻi suntan. And don’t forget to go to an authentic lūʻau where you can get a taste of Hawaiian culture and watch the art of the hula. You’ll find the itineraries on Hawaiʻi are endless. From romantic escapades to family fun; from whale watching to walking on a volcano; you can do it all or you can simply sit back and do nothing. Explore Hawaiʻi’s six unique islands and you’re sure to find your first trip to Hawaiʻi won’t be your last. Learn more about things to do, activities and shopping in Hawaiʻi.