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South of Hilo on the island of Hawaii’s easternmost tip lies the Puna district and town of Pahoa, known for its free-spirited vibe. Many locals believe that Puna is Pele’s workshop, where the volcano goddess continually creates and recreates the very land we live on. Indeed, this dynamic area stretches from Kilauea’s summit east to the sea, including lava features, black-sand beaches and more natural wonders forged by the power of volcanoes. 

Take a dip in Puna’s coastal geothermal baths, heated below the earth by Kilauea’s steam. Explore the 12-mile string of beach parks, with everything from scenic hikes to snorkeling in shallow tidepools. Stop off at Pahoa, a former mill town with an inviting boardwalk housing eclectic shops and eateries; if it’s a weekend, detour to the roadside Makuu Farmers Market and stock up on roasted macadamia nuts and local produce. Another major attraction is Lava Tree State Monument, where a lava flow swept through an ohia forest in 1790, leaving otherworldly lava molds in its path.

Puna’s most dramatic destination is Kalapana. In 1990, lava from Kilauea engulfed this historic town and the beach at Kaimu. 

Puna Highlights

Lava Tree State Park

This seven-acre State Monument is home to unusual lava tree structures that rise up out of the ground.


Volcano Village

Visit this charming artist community located five minutes from Hawaii Volcanoes National Park



Once a historic town partially destroyed by lava, now a lava viewing area on the southeastern coast of the island of Hawaii.