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Island of Hawaiʻi Weddings

The biggest day of your life just found an appropriate home. The venue choices on the island of Hawaiʻi are endless, from a sunset beach ceremony on the Kona or Kohala coasts to the serene pagodas of Liliʻuokalani Gardens with Maunakea towering in the background. Fill a formal ballroom of a world-class resort with family and friends or exchange flower lei in a private ceremony, barefoot in the sand.

Sail into the sunset with a ceremony at sea, marry in one of Hawaiʻi’s oldest Christian churches. On the Hilo side, the northeastern coast is known for its beautiful waterfalls, lush rainforests and scenic lookouts, perfect spots for an intimate wedding.

The island of Hawaiʻi offers a multitude of accommodation specialists, caterers, photographers and musicians to make this the wedding of your dreams. Professional wedding planners can work with you remotely to make sure your celebration receives the exceptional attention to detail it deserves.

Applying for a marriage license in Hawaiʻi is easy. Hawaiʻi has no residency or U.S. citizenship requirements, though proof of age is required. The prospective bride and groom must apply together with a completed official marriage license form before a marriage license agent. It’s highly recommended to fill out the form online in advance and pay the $60 fee at that time. There is no waiting period or blood test required. The license is valid for 30 days only and a marriage certificate will be mailed after the wedding. 

For Hawaiʻi marriage license information, click here.

For Hawaiʻi civil union information, click here.

Island of Hawaiʻi Wedding Venues & Services

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Wedding Venues & Services

Wedding Venues & Services

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