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Farms Tours on Oʻahu

From Waialua to Waimānalo, farmland is nearly as abundant on Oʻahu as its beaches. The contemporary idea of “eating Hawaiʻi” is actually grounded in our Native Hawaiian roots, and there are many ways you can experience it yourself.

Stop for a bite to eat at any of Oʻahu’s trendy eateries and you’re sure to see a note on the menu about locally grown products. Restaurants ranging from high-end bistros to cool hole-in-the wall dives proudly tout their farm-to-table ingredients, like Kahuku sweet corn, specialty cheeses from Naked Cow Dairies and fresh fish direct from the Honolulu Fish Auction.

Farmers markets have been around almost as long as farms themselves, and on the island of Oʻahu, they’re more abundant than ever. Several times a week, in a variety of locations, food producers and local culinary stars gather in parks and parking lots to sell fresh produce and other agricultural products. It’s the perfect opportunity for residents and visitors alike to enjoy locally grown Oʻahu products, including aqua-cultured seafood, North Shore beef, Mānoa honey, Kahuku corn, Waialua chocolate and Waimānalo greens (that’s just for starters).

You can also follow the farm-to-table process by strolling through Oʻahu’s plantations, farms and gardens. Or drive to Oʻahu’s North Shore and sample the fresh fruit at Kahuku Farms or savor Waialua Estate’s award-winning chocolate.

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