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West End

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West End, Molokai

Escape to west Molokai for a quiet retreat. Relax on some of the state’s largest and least crowded beaches, including the sweeping white sand expanse of Papohaku Beach and peaceful Kapukahehu Beach (also known as Dixie Maru Beach), a perfect spot to snorkel or gaze at a romantic Molokai sunset. The arid West End faces the Kaiwi Channel. This treacherous 41-mile stretch of Pacific Ocean is the arena for the annual Molokai Hoe canoe competition in October, from Hale O Lono Harbor in Molokai to Waikiki on Oahu.  

Visit the small plantation town of Maunaloa, where you’ll find unique shopping, including the handmade kites of the Big Wind Kite Factory. Once a resort area, the West End is still a great place to find condominium and cottage rentals. As you make your way down Kaluakoi Road westward, be on the lookout for wild Axis deer. These spotted beauties were given to King Kamehameha V as a gift in the 1860s.

West End Highlights


Venture to Maunaloa, a small plantation village set in the hills above the coast, where you’ll find unique shopping and lodging options.


Papohaku Beach

At three miles long, Papohaku Beach is one of the largest white sand beaches in Hawaii, offering distant views of Leahi (Diamond Head) on Oahu.


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